Public Smoking Ban Act

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Public Smoking Ban Act is a Liberalian Law.

[edit] The Bill

In order to reduce health problems caused by the smoking of tobacco in the region:

We hereby resolve to:

A - Ban smoking in all enclosed public areas, including but not limited to bus stops, train stations, pubs, healthcare providers and all educational establishments. Any public enclosed space which wishes to have a separate smoking area must apply to the local authorities and there will be stringent checks to make sure that no smoke from such "smoking" areas will affect non-smokers present in the building.

B - Sales tax on tobacco products shall be increased by 10% and the money earned from this tax shall go into healthcare funding.

C - There will be a big clamp-down on underage smoking and there will be fines of 100 Libers for the parents of those caught smoking under the age of 16.

D - Open air spaces will be exempt from Clause A, but not from Clause C.

E - Anybody who chooses to ignore the smoking ban outlined in point A will be fined 100 Libers per offence.

F - Advertising for tobacco products will be banned on TV.

G - Smoking in privately-owned buildings/enclosed spaces will be exempt from this act.

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